About Us

ALASKA PEONY BROKER serves as an intermediary business to business (B2B) solution, marketing and connecting Alaska floral producers to floral wholesale and re-sale companies and designers seeking a high-quality Peony flower-source during the months of June, July, August and September. 

APB provides Registered Buyers secure-access to all peony varieties and colors offered across its Production Partner network through a centralized electronic purchasing portal. Buyers can simultaneously search, view, compare, select and order flower stock from any number of desired APB producers using this convenient ordering and shopping-cart system. APB's Production Partner pages offer buyers up-close snapshots of individual producers, their farm stories, products offered or in development, and any special discounts they provide for purchasing in volume.

APB provides Certified Production Partners a wide range of tools, services and products designed to increase productivity and quality, while lowering the cost and hassle of traditional approaches to marketing and sales. APB Production Partners set their own prices, and are free to utilize other marketing and sales strategies outside the APB network. APB Production Partner membership fees and sales commissions are scaled according to farm-size and sales volumes. Production Partners can reduce membership fees by committing to longer contract terms, and can reduce the standard sales commission of 10% as their APB sales volume grows.

ALASKA PEONY BROKER is working hard to, "partner with producers to maximize the financial potential and success of Alaska’s peony market."